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Next round opens in August
Since 2015, we have been pushing the fashion industry to reinvent itself to become circular. Now, circularity is in most large companies' strategies. But circularity is not the silver bullet that will erase our footprints on the planet. It is time for us to raise the bar. In August 2021 we will open Global Change Award for new applications with a new scope to ramp up our impact on the industry and beyond.
And the winners are...
Winners 2020
Incredible Cotton€300,000 / GALY 2020 Using biotechnology to create lab-grown cotton.
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Feature Fibres€250,000 / Werewool 2020 Fabrics created on DNA level with natural colours, stretch and other features.
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Zero Sludge€150,000 / SeaChange Technologies 2020 Separating and cleaning wastewater to eliminate toxic sludge in landfills.
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Tracing Threads€150,000 / TextileGenesis 2020 Tracking sustainable fibres through reliable blockchain technology.
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Airwear€150,000 / Fairbrics 2020 Converting greenhouse gas into sustainable polyester.
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”This year's winners represent a new wave of entrepreneurs that are looking at the industry with a fresh and creative lens.”
Tariq Fancy, Founder and Chairman at Rumie, CIO of Sustainable Investing, BlackRock and member of the Expert Panel
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30 Oct, 2020
Trailblazers reaching impressive milestonesinspo 2020 Our 2020 winners have all made great progress with their innovations over the last six months, despite the world being upside down. We have been wo...
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28 Sep, 2020
Sane membrane for outdoor loversvideo 2020 Dimpora won the Global Change Award in 2019 with their biodegradable and mineral-based membrane for outdoor wear. Since then they have for example ...
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25 Jun, 2020
Next round of Global Change Award opens in 2021news 2020 With only 10 years left to reach the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, disruptive innovations on how to solve the planet’s most urgent chall...
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Five years of change

As Global Change Award turns five years this year, we look back on previous winners, and we look into the future of fashion.

Five years of reinventing the fashion industry
Global Change Award 2015-2020
In 2015, we saw a need to accelerate the shift to a circular fashion industry to protect our planetary boundaries. “When we initiated the Global Change Award five years ago we were quite nervous – what if we don’t receive any entries," says Diana Amini, Global Manager H&M Foundation. Turns out we didn't have to worry. Referred to as the Nobel Prize of fashion, the Global Change Award has become the biggest challenge for early stage innovations in the fashion industry and we have received over 20,000 entries from 200 countries and territories.” What has happened during these five years – and what’s ahead? Meet our partners and winners to hear their thoughts.
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Vegetal leather made of grapes and stalks
Grape Leather by Vegea
Instead of burning the waste from wineproduction, such as grape skins and stalks, Italian team Vegea found a way to use it to make 100% vegetal leather. Three years after winning the Global Change Award they have industrialised the production process and the Vegea material is ready to disrupt the fashion world.
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Disrupting recycling with a dissolvable thread
Smart Stitch by Resortecs
“In the beginning people didn't understand why we wanted to make products fall apart,” says Cédric Vanhoeck co-founder of Resortecs. But now they do, and the industry is knocking on their door. Resortecs won the Global Change Award in 2018 with their ingenious invention of a thread that dissolves at high temperatures. This makes it easier to recycle all parts of the garments. The team has also collaborated with GCA winner Unspun and launched denim jeans sewn with their stitching thread. Thanks to this, the fabric, zippers and studs and can be dissembled and reused.
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Citrus peel for the red carpet
100 Percent Citrus by Orange Fiber
Orange Fiber was part of our first batch of winners back in 2015. By taking whatever is left after an orange has been squeezed for food consumption, Orange Fiber adds their magic to it, and out comes a silk-like fabric which has been used in collections for H&M and Salvatore Ferragamo. And no, the fabric doesn’t smell like oranges.
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Creating outdoor wear which is kind to nature
Sane Membrane by dimpora
Mario Stucki and Anna Beltzung won the Global Change Award in 2019 for their biodegradable and mineral-based membrane for outdoor wear. “Without the Global Change Award, the outreach of it and the connections it has, we would never have been able to develop as quickly as we have,” says Mario, co-founder of dimpora. See the film and learn more about their journey.
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Harnessing the power of the consumer
Are there any trends or tendencies that can be found among the 20,000 entries received to the Global Change Award during the past five years? We put Accenture's best data crunchers to the test. Turns out, there is an interesting movement on how the consumer is acting and how they can be part of the solution.
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Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make fashion circular.
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