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We are looking for early stage ideas presenting new circular approaches intended to reinvent the fashion industry.

This means changing the way garments are currently designed and produced, shipped, bought, used and recycled by adding disruptive technology, processes, or new business models.

(Almost) anyone can apply for the Global Change Award. Five winners, selected by our expert panel, share a €1 million grant and receive access to a one-year innovation accelerator provided by H&M Foundation, Accenture and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Neither the H&M Foundation nor the company H&M will take any equity or intellectual property rights in the innovations.

We are open for applications again in August 2018.

Early birds

Applicants who enter the challenge early compete for an additional chance to win a one week Innovation Accelerator.

Anyone who applies within the first month of the application period will automatically have the chance of winning our Early Bird competition.

The Early Bird winner will be invited to join the five winners of the Global Change Award 2019 in one of the trips which is part of their one-year Innovation Accelerator. The trip offers exclusive industry insights, as well as opportunities to network and learn more about circularity and the fashion value chain.

Applying as an Early Bird does not affect your chances of winning the Global Change Award. The winner of the Early Bird winner is not required to travel to the ceremony in Stockholm.

Competition Categories

Circularity is not just about recycling. To encourage ideas from a broad circular scope, the Global Change Award 2018 featured three categories open for applications. The five winners were chosen regardless of category – there was no set quota between the categories.


Apply digital technologies such as connectivity, robotics, artificial intelligence, data, internet of things etc. across the value chain including consumers and garments to make fashion circular.

Climate positive

Create clothes, services and manufacturing processes that are not only neutral but actually good for the environment, helping to restore and regenerate the environment when being used.


Recover the resource and value lost in material, energy and information waste, turning it into materials, products or services. Or simply eliminate waste in the first place.

Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make fashion circular.
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