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24 April 2019
Sustainable innovation turned into fashionable red-carpet look

For this year’s Global Change Award ceremony that took place in Stockholm City Hall in April, Bandana Tewari, member of the expert panel and Contributor to the Business of Fashion, wore an outfit made with sustainable materials by & Other Stories. Behind the materials are Agraloop and VEGEA, previous winners of Global Change Award.

 “I am so thrilled to wear this chic, off-shoulder black dress made with sustainable fabrics by & Other Stories. Coming from India and Nepal, lands of outlandish colour and bold embellishments, I find Scandinavian minimalism, a calm respite in my sartorial journey. I desperately need calm moments in fashion, and this one does just that for me”, says Bandana Tewari.

The outfit sets a fantastic example of how previous winners of Global Change Award have succeeded to shift their innovations into fabulous fashion pieces. The dress is made of a sustainable fabric created of 60% Agraloop (oil-seed hemp) BioFibre™ and 40% silk.

Agraloop, one of the Global Change Award winners of 2018, takes the harvest remains from crops such as oil-seed flax, hemp, sugarcane, bananas and pineapples and turns it into useful bio-fiber through a low-cost, closed loop technology. The bio-fiber can then be turned into textile fabric. By turning the waste into a valuable resource, this innovation also has a social aspect, generating additional income to the farmers.

& Other Stories also worked with VEGEA, Global Change Award winner from 2017, to complete Bandana’s look with a pair strappy sandalettes and a classic clutch in 100% grape leather. VEGEA realized that fibres and oils from winemaking leftovers is ideal for making 100% vegetal leather, offering a greener alternative of making dresses, handbags and shoes.

“It’s such an honour to see a pair of shoes made of VEGEA and designed by & Other Stories in the same place where our journey begun two years ago! Thanks to the H&M Foundation for believing in our innovation since the beginning and to Bandana Tewari for looking so stunning in a totally sustainable outfit!”, says Valentina Longobardo from VEGA.

Bandana was a member of the Global Change Award Expert Panel 2018 and 2019. All members of the expert panel participate pro bono and invest significant time in their work on the panel.

“It was very inspiring to work with Agraloop and their BioFibre blended with silk. The quality isn’t only in the very forefront of the sustainable movement, but it also provides the perfect drape for this seasons’ 90´s inspired silhouettes.”
Alexander Krantz, designer Stockholm Atelier & Other Stories.