Meet the previous winners of the Global Change Award and find out how their ideas are reinventing fashion.

9 Apr, 2017
Grape leather€300,000 Using leftovers from winemaking to create fully vegetal leather.
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7 Apr, 2017
Solar textiles€250,000 Harvesting the sun’s energy to make fashion fabrics.
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3 Apr, 2017
Manure couture€150,000 Extracting and using the cellulose in cow manure to create textile.
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2 Apr, 2017
Denim-dyed denim€150,000 Using used denim to colour new denim.
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1 Apr, 2017
Content thread€150,000 Facilitating sorting and recycling of clothes using a digital thread.
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6 Mar, 2017
UnspunEarly Bird A machine that spins custom-fitted clothes - and then unspins them again.
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5 Apr, 2016
Making waste-cotton new€300,000 Conversion of waste-cotton into new textile.
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4 Apr, 2016
The polyester digester€250,000 Using microbes to recycle waste polyester textile.
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3 Apr, 2016
Growing textile fiber under water€150,000 Using algae to make renewable textiles.
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2 Apr, 2016
An online market for textile leftovers€150,000 A digital marketplace for textile leftovers.
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1 Apr, 2016
100 percent citrus€150,000 Creating new textile out of citrus juice production by-products.
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1 Mar, 2016
Travel VendiEarly Bird A vending machine for rental clothes.
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Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make fashion circular.
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