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Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make fashion circular.
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Feature Fibres

Revolutionary fibres derived from nature itself. In the production process, the proteins found in organisms are built into the fabric on a DNA level to make biodegradable materials with the desired colour, stretch, moisture and water repellence. No need for further processing which traditionally puts strain on the planet.

Awarded: €250,000 Year: 2020 Company: Werewool

The innovation in a nutshell

Creating fabrics on DNA level with natural colours, stretch and other features.

Let us explain

We ask a lot from our clothes. Not only should they look great and come in our favourite colours but we also want them to be affordable yet durable, comfortable yet presentable, rainproof yet breathable. However, our desires come at a price.  The dyes, coatings and finishing processes that our clothes go through are often toxic and take a great toll on the environment as they require lots of water and chemicals along the way.

This innovation takes its cues from the earth itself. The outcome is a revolutionary fibre that provides the desired features from scratch, built into the fabric on a DNA level. Without harming the organisms involved, the proteins found in coral, jellyfish, sea anemones, turtles, oysters and even cow milk can be used to make materials with the desired colour, stretch, moisture and water repellence. No need for further processing and like other organic matters, the fibre is naturally biodegradable.

What do YOU look for in a piece of clothing? Tell us and we’ll design it for you.

Team members: Chui-Lian Lee, Valentina Gomez, Morgana Kattermann and Theanne Schiros
Country: US
Company: Werewool

"Winning the Global Change Award is accelerating our work beyond the lab into a scalable solution that can drive the industry towards a circular economy. We are really looking forward to the industry interactions that the Global Change Award will provide, receiving invaluable feedback and mentorship. We are excited to join the GCA family, connect with previous and current winners and learn from their various experiences."
Chui-Lian Lee, Co-founder of Werewool