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Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make fashion circular.
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Lab Leather

Besides demanding the lives of millions of animals each year, conventional leather production is harmful to the environment due to the toxins and heavy metals used for tanning. While there are vegan alternatives on the market, few have been able to match all the unique properties of real leather. That is, until now.

Awarded: €150,000 Year: 2019 Company: Le Qara

The innovation in a nutshell

Using microorganisms to create vegan biodegradable fashion.

Let us explain

The lab leather from Le Qara is derived from Peruvian flowers and fruits, making it 100% biodegradable. In the production process, it’s possible to mimic virtually any desired leather texture, colour, toughness and thickness – which makes the product really versatile and attractive on the market.

“Being from Peru it hasn’t always been easy to get funded, this grant takes our idea to market and will be used to build the initial production plant as well as managing production and distribution. But more importantly, the accelerator program takes our company to the next level by obtaining five years of knowledge and network contacts in just one year,“ says Isemar Cruz Loayza.

Team members: Isemar Cruz Loayza and Jacqueline Cruz Loayza
Country: Peru
Company: Le Qara

“The Global Change Award win means everything for our innovation, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the training and exposure to succeed.”
Isemar Cruz Loayza